Virtual Learning Spaces

The Rutgers University - Newark campus has a site license for Blackboard Collaborate to provide both academic and administrative collaboration.  Web conferencing can help in an online, blended or traditional face-to-face course.  Here are some examples of how web conferencing can help you achieve your teaching and learning goals.

Guest Speaker

Web conferencing allows you to quickly bring in a guest speaker for your course without the worry of travel and logistics. Web conferencing will allow your students to listen, interact and engage your guest speaker.  Additionally, most web conferencing software lets you easily record the session for students to review.

Office Hours or Virtual Review Sessions

You can easily use web conferencing to hold one-on-one or group meetings. You and your students can share files or display the screen so you can discuss course materials, grades, and assignments. Expanding beyond the one-on-one office hours, you can also hold a virtual review session with multiple students and record it so that those unable to attend still can access it. You can use this tool to cover student questions in preparation for an assignment or exam without having to use valuable class time.

Group Collaboration Space

Need an easy way to for students to work on a group assignment? You can create web conferencing sessions or rooms where students can be moderators. This allows students to efficiently use the space to work on a group project or assignment or to meet about anything course related quickly. Students won't need to find a common place to meet but can attend meetings virtually from anywhere. 

Online Class

You can hold a lecture or interactive class entirely online with web conferencing. Some software — such as Blackboard Collaborate and Ultra — even allows you to create Breakout Rooms so students can work in smaller groups to answer a question or work on a case study. You can then bring everyone back to the main room to discuss the assignment. 

You can find out in more detail how to use Blackboard Collaborate here: