May 12, 2017

For the third summer in a row, Technology and Learning Spaces is planning significant classroom upgrades during the Summer terms.  You would think that it would be easy to work on the classrooms during the summer, but that is not the case.  With Summer Session, Pre-Matric and other events our consistent challenge is juggling the schedule so that we can take classrooms out of use for long enough time to upgrade them.  This summer we have managed to take 23 classrooms offline during the parts of the summer in order to upgrade them.  

Classroom Upgrades

* 4 classrooms in Bradley Hall (2 new digital classrooms, 2 AV and technology upgrades, 4 classrooms seating upgrades)

* 5 classrooms in Conklin Hall (AV and technology upgrades)

* 3 classrooms in Hill Hall (seating, painting, AV and technology upgrades)

* 3 classrooms in Engelhard Hall (seating, painting)

* Physics lab in Smith (complete renovation and expansion, AV and technology upgrades)

* 6 additional classrooms in Smith Hall (seating, painting)

* LSC II - new 100 seat classroom