Mar 29, 2017

If your students are taking quizzes or tests in Blackboard, we have a few suggestions to make it a success for all.  If you’ve never thought about using this great tool, check out this 5-minute video to see how you can create an exam in Blackboard.

Do NOT use Force Completion

When you make your exam available to students, we strongly recommend that you do NOT use Blackboard’s Force Completion feature. When this option is selected, students who experience a technical problem such as the sudden loss of power or connection to the Internet will be prohibited from completing the exam.

Instead, consider using a Timer for the exam with the Auto-Submit option. These settings will require the students to complete the exam within the designated time frame.  Even if students exit the test, their timer continues to run from the moment they first opened the exam.

skotan-No-sign.pngForce completion.PNG

Provide accommodations

For students who are entitled to additional time for an exam or for students who need to take an exam at a different time, you can use Blackboard’s Test Exceptions feature to easily provide accommodations. Watch this two-minute video to learn how.

Manage issues

If a student encounters a technical problem with an exam, please encourage the student to promptly contact the Newark Computing Services Help Desk at 973-353-5083 or with as many details as possible so that there is a record of the issue and it can be properly investigated.

To help reconcile issues, instructors have the ability to review the amount of time a student spends in an exam as well as any saved responses to specific questions. To see the responses, go to the Grade Center and click the down arrow next to the student’s score or attempt (yellow exclamation mark), and select the dated Attempt. Then, click on Test Information to see the amount of time the student was in the exam and review the Access Log if needed. Watch this one-minute video to learn how.

As the instructor, you can allow a student to take an exam again. In the Grade Center, click the down arrow next to the student’s original test score, select View Grade Details, and click Ignore Attempt. These steps will retain the student’s first attempt at the exam and will allow them to take the exam again. You also have the option of selecting Clear Attempt. This option will delete the student’s first attempt and allow the student to take the exam again.