Dec 8, 2017

Academic Technology Services continues to upgrade and expand technology throughout our Digital Classrooms to enhance your teaching experience and your students' learning. Part of this initiative includes providing you and your students with the ability to present material from your laptop, tablet or phone anywhere in the classroom without needing to deal with any cables or adapters.

Digital Classrooms with Air Media (directions):

  • Boyden Hall 100
  • Conklin Hall 100
  • Engelhard Hall 100, 309, and 311
  • Hill Hall 124, 125
  • Smith 220

Digital Classrooms with Mersive Solstice equipment are capable of multi-synchronous sharing, meaning that multiple users can send multiple images to the displays simultaneously (directions):

  • Conklin Hall 201*, 302*, 319*, and 402*
  • Engelhard Hall 301* and 303*
  • Smith Hall 104 (Physics Lab)
  • Coming Soon to Conklin Hall 449 and CLJ 202

* Agile Classrooms