Oct 12, 2017

Technology and Learning Spaces continues to make great strides at RU-N thanks to the support of the Chancellor's Office and in collaboration with University Facilities and Newark Computing Services. Below are just a few highlights:

  • Since the summer of 2015, 52 classrooms have received total facilities renovations, including asbestos abatement, carpet, paint, furniture lighting, access to student power and more. Additionally, technology has been added or upgraded in 32 classrooms, bringing our three year total up to 60 improved classrooms.
  • Approximately $3 million has been spent on classroom technology improvements, ranging from new computers, 4K projectors, touch screen monitors, wireless networking, and more.
  • We had less than 100 network access points just two years ago, now almost 1300 access points have been installed everywhere students study, eat, live, and even workout.
  • While the majority of technology improvements focused on updating outdated technology, approximately 10% of general purpose classrooms, which previously did not have technology, were upgraded to be digital classrooms.
  • All five existing instructional computing classrooms have been completely renovated and a new one was created, yielding an increase of over 100 lab seats.
  • Over 2,200 seats have been replaced throughout classrooms and other learning spaces, such as open access computer labs and study spaces.
  • With the addition of 9 new classrooms since 2015, RU-N has gained a total of 543 new seats, which is an 11% increase in total seating capacity.
  • In addition to the classrooms, other student learnings spaces, such as the Cyber Lounge in the Paul Robeson Campus Center and the Student Resource Center in Blumenthal Hall were developed.