Aug 3, 2017

ATS encourages you to download the rebranded Blackboard app for students as well as the new Blackboard Instructor app for faculty - both of which offer increased efficiency with simplified workflows. The Blackboard app is currently available on the Apple App, Google Play and Windows Stores and Blackboard Instructor is currently available on the Apple App and Google Play Stores.  This initial launch of Blackboard Instructor focuses on key communication tools but don't worry, grading capabilities will follow in the coming months. In the meantime, the Bb Grader app will continue to be available to give instructors access to exisitng mobile grading functionality.

Learn more about Blackboard Instructor with these resources:

For those of you who have been using the older Mobile Learn app, you will continue to have access but it is no longer available for download and will not be supported after August 31, 2017. Blackboard cannot guarantee continued usability of the application. Apple has indicated that 32-bit apps, of which Mobile Learn is, will not be supported on future versions of iOS.