Academic Technology Services (ATS) provides faculty support in a variety of modes including email, phone, virtual, and face to face.  Please feel free to contact us at or 973-353-1713.  Check our blog for the current month's schedule of workshops or schedule a one-on-one session with a staff member.   

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital Classrooms
  • Webconferencing and Videoconferencing
  • Blackboard
  • Canvas
  • Kaltura
  • Turning Technologies

ATS offers one-on-one training to accomodate the needs of our faculty, but we do periodically offer workshops as well as Lunch and Learns with open enrollment.  We also encourage you to contact us if you are interested in department specific training.  ATS workshop offerings include:

  • Introduction to the Digital Classroom: Meet with one of our Instructional Technology Specialists to learn about the technology in your Digital Classroom.  Appointments are available from early morning through early evening so that we can accomodate your schedule.  Please note that availability is dependent on room schedules and notice is required.    
  • Getting started with Blackboard: Reduce the administrative burden of distributing multiple copies of materials to students by learning how to upload your syllabus, PowerPoint presentations, and other class materials to Blackboard. This session is designed for those who are new to Blackboard. You'll learn the basics of setting-up your course for the first time in Blackboard.
  • Grade Center Set-up: Still using Excel or paper & pencil to track grades? Learn how to use Blackboard's Grade Center to do all the calculations for you. It can even take care of weighted grades. Help students succeed by providing them with easy access to their grades and your feedback.
  • Assignment Manager: Use Blackboard's Assignment Manager to eliminate the need to decipher handwritten assignments or hunt down papers and exams emailed to you. Learn how to use the inline grading feature to provide feedback without downloading a paper. You will love how it keeps everything organized and is integrated into the Grade Center!
  • Attendance Tool: Learn how to track attendance for your face-to-face classes within Blackbaord and consider grading options. 
  • Create video or audio recordings for your flipped or online course: Learn how to create multimedia content for your courses so students can learn anywhere, anytime, and on any device. You and your students can use Kaltura in Blackboard to create media that is engaging and supports learning.
  • First steps with your Clicker: Get hands-on experience setting up your Turning Technologies clicker and adding polling questions to a PowerPoint presentation. See how you can increase student engagement in large or small classes using clickers. Please bring your clicker with you.
  • Introduction to Collaborate: Explore Blackboard's built in desktop web conferencing tool for blended learning, lecture recording, as well as course cancellations and disruptions.
  • Blogs, Wikis and Journals: Learn how to use Blackboard tools to encourages students to collaborate and demonstrate their knowledge by using blogs (shared online journal), wikis (collaborative space where all students can view, contribute and edit content) and journals.
  • Respondus products: Learn about three of the Respondus products offered at Rutgers University-Newark.  Respondus 4.0 is a tool that allows you to author and manage your assessments with Blackboard. LockDown Browser is a custom browser that literally locks down the online testing environment within Blackboard.  Respondus Monitor is a companion application for LockDown Browser that uses webcam and video technology to maintain the integrity of online exams for non-proctored testing environments.
  • And more - just ask!

Be sure to also review our documentation for Blackboard and other technology tools.

Please Note:

  • Student Support is provided by Rutgers University—Newark Information Technology (RU-N IT) Help Desk - Please feel free to contact the RU-N IT help desk during regular office hours at or 973-353-5083 and at the following website
  • After Hours Support is available during evening and weekends by contacting the RU-N IT Help Desk at 973-353-5083 and pressing 2 for basic Blackboard support.