Course Access

Faculty and TAs: A self-service tool has been developed that allows faculty to gain immediate access to their courses in Blackboard. Please note, the course instructor must be registered as a "Grader" in Rosters & Electronic Grading Information Systems (REGIS) in order to be added to a course. This tool also allows faculty to add TAs to their courses.  REGIS administrators can also use this tool to provide access to courses for their faculty.  If a faculty member does not have REGIS grader access and thus cannot use the self-service tool, an email can be sent to with full course information and the faculty member's NetID.  Verification of assignment by the department will be required before access is granted.   


By default, all courses are "unavailable" to students to allow you time to post materials and set-up your course. To make your course "available" to students in two clicks, use the Quick Connect Tool

  • Rosters - Blackboard rosters are updated at mid-morning each business day with students based on REGIS rosters.  Please note that payment process is required at certain points in the semester.  Payment status is displayed on the REGIS rosters. 
  • Dropped Students - Students who have formally dropped courses will be removed from Blackboard rosters during the next business day update.  
  • Withdrawn Students - Students who have formally withdrawn from a course remain on the REGIS roster with a W indicator as they will receive a grade of W for the course.  However, their access to the course in Blackboard will be blocked during the next business day update.  They will still be listed in the Grade Center greyed out with an icon indicator next to their name. 
  • Senior Citizen Audit Program - requests are managed by the Office of Community Affairs.  Please refer to their website for additional information.  Once approved, Blackboard accesses is granted by Newark Computing Services Help Desk. 
  • Other Student Access - If a student who is not on the official REGIS roster or part of the Senior Citizen Audit Program needs access to a course in Blackboard, a request may be submitted by a faculty or staff member to the Newark Computing Services Help Desk by completing the following online form: Special Requests for Student Blackboard Access.  Please note that the following information is required: Student Name, Email and NetID; full Course Name and Number; Email address of Dean or Program Approver; and rationale for request. 

Policy for Disabling and Purging Blackboard Courses

  • Courses will remain accessible to faculty for at least two years.  Courses are archived each summer for historical purposes and can be restored upon request by completing the online form: Request Access to a Course from a Previous Semester.  Please note that requests may take one month to be processed. Incorrect or missing information may result in processing delays. 
  • By default, students will have access to courses for at least one year.  Faculty may open or close courses to their students at will by using the Quick Connect Tool.  Each summer, courses taken by a student more than a year prior will be made unavailable to them.  Faculty will retain access to courses for an additional year and may choose to reopen those courses to students.  Students requesting access to an unavailable course will need to contact the faculty member directly as access is at the discretion of the faculty member. 

Acceptable Use Policy for Computing and Information Technology Resources (70.1.1)

  • This policy outlines the standards for acceptable use of university computing and information technology resources which include, but are not limited to, equipment, software, networks, data, and telephones whether owned, leased, or otherwise provided by Rutgers University. To view the policy in the Rutgers Policy Library click here:

Copyright Policy (50.3.7)

  • This policy sets forth the rights and responsibilities of the university, its faculty, students, and employees in their roles as members of the university community in creating and using copyrighted works.  The universities copyright policy can be found here:

Rutgers University World Wide Web Accessibility Policy

  • Rutgers University is committed to ensuring equal access to information, programs, and activities through its technologies, web pages, services and resources for all its constituencies.The policy can be found here: